Friday, December 8, 2017

Why I Started Maureen's Books Promotions

I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember. I remember growing up surrounded by books and stories and always feeling like books are these magical things that made me see more of the world and it’s people. I was a shy girl growing up, had no brothers or sisters,  and my parents just been through a nasty divorce, and books made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the world and that I could escape the bad stuff for a moment. Through books and reading I escaped the real world for a little while, which made me feel like not everything was as bad as the real world made me feel at times. Books helped me heal, and when I grew up and met my husband he didn’t think my reading habits and my massive book collection was strange at all. Although he isn’t a reader himself, he knows and sees books make me happy and he supports me in everything I do.

When I started my blog Maureen’s Books I soon came to love the book blogging world. I got in contact with all these amazing authors, received books in exchange for my honest review and I loved it. And soon I started thinking about starting my own business supporting authors and doing what I love.

Seeing what a good promotion can do

As a reader and book blogger I’ve seen what Blog Tours, Release Events, Promo’s etc. can do for an author. These events don’t only help authors sell books, but they also help getting the word out about these amazing stories and their creators. I realized early on that not everyone knows where to look for good books. Bookshops aren’t everywhere, and webstores like Amazon don’t always promote the great books that don’t already have a big fanbase. And I want to help people find out more about these great books that just aren’t as popular yet.

Sharing my passion

Since I love books and reading so much I think I can bring my passion and love of books out to other people. Through my blog Maureen’s Books I reach a lot of people, not only bloggers but also other readers. And I even have some coworkers that love books ask me for tips about new books they have to read. 

Going out of your Comfort Zone

Sometimes, as a reader, you have to go out of your comfort zone. For example if you are a romance reader, you probably don’t read a lot of thrillers. But there are some great thrillers out there that I as a romance lover also really loved reading. I came across these thrillers through other bloggers, through reading reviews, and through authors who contacted me. Sometimes you need a little help to find some new books and new genres to explore and I’d love to help with that.

Loving Authors

I’m not a writer myself. I love books but I’m just not the writing type. And being such a huge reader I find myself being in awe with authors. I could never write a book, and don’t even mention writing a complete series. Authors just don’t realize how happy their stories can make people like me. LOL!! And I love helping authors getting their beautiful stories out there. 

And Finally

I am a nurse, and I work fulltime in a hospital. Although I love my job, I have this huge passion for books and reading and I just really want to spend more time doing what I love to do most.  

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sign-Up: Book Promo 'Aphrodite's Tears' by Hannah Fielding

Today I’m excited to share with you the Sign-Up for the upcoming Book Promo of ‘Aphrodite’s Tears’ by Hannah Fielding. ‘Aphrodite’s Tears’ is a beautiful Romance novel that will be published on January 25th. This Book Promo will last for 10 days and each day will bring a Unique teaser. And not to mention an awesome Giveaway with a Signed Copy of the book and a gorgeous Greek Mythology Scarf (worth £180) as a price!!

Sign-ups will end on January 12th! Media Kits will be send out a week before the start of the promo. 

About the Book:
In ancient Greece, one of the twelve labours of Heracles was to bring back a golden apple from the Garden of Hesperides. To archaeologist Oriel Anderson, joining a team of Greek divers on the island of Helios seems like the golden apple of her dreams. 

Yet the dream becomes a nightmare when she meets the devilish owner of the island, Damian Lekkas. In shocked recognition, she is flooded with the memory of a romantic night in a stranger’s arms, six summers ago. A very different man stands before her now, and Oriel senses that the sardonic Greek autocrat is hell-bent on playing a cat and mouse game with her. 

As they cross swords and passions mount, Oriel is aware that malevolent eyes watch her from the shadows. Dark rumours are whispered about the Lekkas family. What dangers lie in Helios, a bewitching land where ancient rituals are still enacted to appease the gods, young men risk their lives in the treacherous depths of the Ionian Sea, and the volatile earth can erupt at any moment? 

Will Oriel find the hidden treasures she seeks? Or will Damian’s tragic past catch up with them, threatening to engulf them both?

About the Author:

Hannah Fielding is an incurable romantic. The seeds for her writing career were sown in early childhood, spent in Egypt, when she came to an agreement with her governess Zula: for each fairy story Zula told, Hannah would invent and relate one of her own. Years later – following a degree in French literature, several years of travelling in Europe, falling in love with an Englishman, the arrival of two beautiful children and a career in property development – Hannah decided after so many years of yearning to write that the time was now. Today, she lives the dream: writing full time at her homes in Kent, England, and the South of France, where she dreams up romances overlooking breath-taking views of the Mediterranean. 

To date, Hannah has published five passionate, evocative novels: Burning Embers, a ‘romance like Hollywood used to make’, set in Kenya; the award-winning Echoes of Love, ‘an epic love story that is beautifully told’, set in Italy; and the Andalusian Nights trilogy – Indiscretion, Masquerade and Legacy – set in sensual, sultry Spain.

For more information about Hannah Fielding and her books please visit her website. Or visit her on Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter

Promo Schedule:

Monday January 15th
Adventures With a Book Nerd

Tuesday January 16th
Girl of 1000 Wonders

Wednesday January 17th
Always Me

Thursday January 18th
Carol's Notebook

Friday January 19th
Totally Addicted To Reading

Saturday January 20th

Sunday January 21st

Monday January 22nd
Every Free Chance Books

Tuesday January 23rd

Wednesday January 24th

Thursday January 25th
Maureen's Books

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sign-Up: Book Promo 'Grigori: A Royal Dragon Romance' by Lauren Smith

Today I’m excited to share with you the sign-up for the Book Promo of ‘Grigori: A Royal Dragon Romance’ by Lauren Smith. ‘Grigori’ is a Paranormal Romance novel and the first book in the Brothers of Ash and Fire series that was published on October 17th. This Book Promo is scheduled for December 14th and there will be a fun Excerpt to share.

Sign-ups will end on December 10th. Media Kits will be send out a week before the start of the promo.

About the Book:’s one of the last of a powerful but vanishing bloodline …

Grigori Barinov is the eldest in an ancient line of dragon shifters and the guardian of his family’s lands and fortune. Sworn to protect their history and magic, he won’t rest until he neutralizes any threat to their existence. When he discovers an ancient manuscript that exposes his family and their dragon lineage has fallen into a mortal woman’s hands, he knows he must get the book back by any means necessary. If that means seducing a nosy American woman with an intoxicating scent, he is more than willing to carry her off to his palatial home deep in the heart of Russia. 

She’s the one woman who could expose him to the world…
Madelyn Haynes has never fit in. As an adopted child she grew up in a loving home but never felt as though she belonged. Plagued by mysterious dreams she’s had of a silver scaled beast ever since she was a little girl, she is convinced dragons are real. While in Russia working on her PhD in mythology in order to escape the ridicule from fellow professors, she unexpectedly crosses paths with the sexy and dominating Grigori, and after just one night with the man whose eyes seem to burn, she starts to change inside. Isolated in the Russian wilderness Grigori calls home, Madelyn can’t help but fall under his sensual spell, yet something deep inside her calls out that she can’t trust him. She has to show the world dragons are real to salvage academic reputation, even if it means costing her the heart of the dragon she’s falling in love with.

About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling Author Lauren Smith is an Oklahoma attorney by day, author by night who pens adventurous and edgy romance stories by the light of her smart phone flashlight app. She knew she was destined to be a romance writer when she attempted to re-write the entire Titanic movie just to save Jack from drowning. Connecting with readers by writing emotionally moving, realistic and sexy romances no matter what time period is her passion. She’s won multiple awards in several romance subgenres including: New England Reader’s Choice Awards, Greater Detroit BookSeller’s Best Awards, and a Semi-Finalist award for the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award.

For more information about Lauren please visit her website. Or visit her on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and Twitter

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sign Up: Release Event 'After Lucas' by Tudor Robins

Today I’m excited to share the sign-up for the upcoming Release Event for ‘After Lucas’ by Tudor Robins. This is a YA novel and the second book in the Stonegate series. The publication date is set on November 7th. There will be an option to share an Excerpt and/or guest post. And there will be an awesome Giveaway.  

About the Book:

Thanks to the talent of her pushbutton super-horse, Ava, Mavis wins every ribbon, trophy, and championship she competes for. No rider effort required, and not much skill either – Ava does it all.

So, when Mavis’s dad loses his job, and Ava must go up for sale, Mavis is swamped with … relief.

She knows it’s the wrong thing to feel, but Mavis is used to feeling, thinking, and acting the wrong way. It’s why she has no friends.

Also, riding’s been really boring, for a long time.

With super-Ava sold super-fast, Mavis is ready to start enjoying her horse-free life.

Until she meets Lucas. Lucas is everything Ava’s not. Stocky, dirty, untrained, and unproven, the former trail horse has the complete opposite on Mavis as her former show mare did.

Mavis likes Lucas. She loves him, even.

Lucas has a lot to learn, but it might be Mavis who gains the most from their new, unlikely, partnership.


About the Author:

Tudor Robins is an Ottawa-based young adult author whose first novel, Objects in Mirror, was named a Best Book for Kids and Teens by the Canadian Children's Book Centre. Tudor loves reading, writing, and horseback riding, as well as spending time on Wolfe Island with her husband and two sons. 

For more information about Tudor please visit her website. Or visit her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Promoting Books & Authors

As a Book Blogger for over three years, and a fanatic reader for as long as I can remember I love promoting authors and sharing books with my fellow readers and bloggers. And over the years I’ve done several promo posts for books and authors. Some of the books I’ve read, and other books I haven’t read. But to me, it doesn’t matter. Being a book blogger and reader, I obviously have books and genres I love more than others but all books are worth something to me. And that’s why I started Maureen’s Books Promotions.

Every book is written with passion and love. Writing is a piece of art, I for one aren’t able to do. Writing about other worlds, other creatures, amazing characters is something amazing that acquires imagination and sometimes a lot of patience. And I think I have what it takes to promote your book through other bloggers, social media and posts on my own blog Maureen’s Books

So what does Maureen’s Books Promotions offer? 
  • Book Promo’s
  • Cover Reveals
  • Release Events
  • Review Tours
  • Blog Tours
  • And any other kind of event you can think off.

For the events I will make a nice banner and I’ll be your contact for bloggers during the event. Whatever you like we can discuss. 

Is this something you’re interested in? Email me at or visit my Contact page.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Today I'm super excited to welcome you all on my new website Maureen's Books Promotions. Last month I started this journey and Ive decided its time for Maureens Books Promotions to stand on its own two feet, a.k.a. its own site. On this site you will find all the information about services Maureens Books Promotions offers and I will also share info about upcoming tours and events on this page. 

Im super excited to start helping out authors. So if you are an author in need of some help promoting your book(s) or if you know an author who might need a little help. Send me a message through the contact me page or just add a comment below.

In the upcoming days/weeks I will keep working to make this site work better and look even more prettier. So dont get nervous if thinks change a little from time to time!

I hope you guys feel welcome here and feel free to let me know what you guys think! ;)

Why I Started Maureen's Books Promotions

I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember. I remember growing up surrounded by books and stories and always feeling like books are ...