Thursday, October 26, 2017

Promoting Books & Authors

As a Book Blogger for over three years, and a fanatic reader for as long as I can remember I love promoting authors and sharing books with my fellow readers and bloggers. And over the years I’ve done several promo posts for books and authors. Some of the books I’ve read, and other books I haven’t read. But to me, it doesn’t matter. Being a book blogger and reader, I obviously have books and genres I love more than others but all books are worth something to me. And that’s why I started Maureen’s Books Promotions.

Every book is written with passion and love. Writing is a piece of art, I for one aren’t able to do. Writing about other worlds, other creatures, amazing characters is something amazing that acquires imagination and sometimes a lot of patience. And I think I have what it takes to promote your book through other bloggers, social media and posts on my own blog Maureen’s Books

So what does Maureen’s Books Promotions offer? 
  • Book Promo’s
  • Cover Reveals
  • Release Events
  • Review Tours
  • Blog Tours
  • And any other kind of event you can think off.

For the events I will make a nice banner and I’ll be your contact for bloggers during the event. Whatever you like we can discuss. 

Is this something you’re interested in? Email me at or visit my Contact page.

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