Friday, December 8, 2017

Why I Started Maureen's Books Promotions

I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember. I remember growing up surrounded by books and stories and always feeling like books are these magical things that made me see more of the world and it’s people. I was a shy girl growing up, had no brothers or sisters,  and my parents just been through a nasty divorce, and books made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the world and that I could escape the bad stuff for a moment. Through books and reading I escaped the real world for a little while, which made me feel like not everything was as bad as the real world made me feel at times. Books helped me heal, and when I grew up and met my husband he didn’t think my reading habits and my massive book collection was strange at all. Although he isn’t a reader himself, he knows and sees books make me happy and he supports me in everything I do.

When I started my blog Maureen’s Books I soon came to love the book blogging world. I got in contact with all these amazing authors, received books in exchange for my honest review and I loved it. And soon I started thinking about starting my own business supporting authors and doing what I love.

Seeing what a good promotion can do

As a reader and book blogger I’ve seen what Blog Tours, Release Events, Promo’s etc. can do for an author. These events don’t only help authors sell books, but they also help getting the word out about these amazing stories and their creators. I realized early on that not everyone knows where to look for good books. Bookshops aren’t everywhere, and webstores like Amazon don’t always promote the great books that don’t already have a big fanbase. And I want to help people find out more about these great books that just aren’t as popular yet.

Sharing my passion

Since I love books and reading so much I think I can bring my passion and love of books out to other people. Through my blog Maureen’s Books I reach a lot of people, not only bloggers but also other readers. And I even have some coworkers that love books ask me for tips about new books they have to read. 

Going out of your Comfort Zone

Sometimes, as a reader, you have to go out of your comfort zone. For example if you are a romance reader, you probably don’t read a lot of thrillers. But there are some great thrillers out there that I as a romance lover also really loved reading. I came across these thrillers through other bloggers, through reading reviews, and through authors who contacted me. Sometimes you need a little help to find some new books and new genres to explore and I’d love to help with that.

Loving Authors

I’m not a writer myself. I love books but I’m just not the writing type. And being such a huge reader I find myself being in awe with authors. I could never write a book, and don’t even mention writing a complete series. Authors just don’t realize how happy their stories can make people like me. LOL!! And I love helping authors getting their beautiful stories out there. 

And Finally

I am a nurse, and I work fulltime in a hospital. Although I love my job, I have this huge passion for books and reading and I just really want to spend more time doing what I love to do most.  

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